Góis Property in Central Portugal

The concelho of Gois is located at the heart of central Portugal, in the administrative district of Coimbra, which is the closest city, 40km away. The region is divided into five freguesias - Góis, Vila Nova do Ceira, Cadafaz, Colmeal and Cadafaz.
The region has 150 villages, the majority of which can trace their history back many hundreds of years, and the little market town of Góis itself has an interesting historical centre including the picturesque ‘Ponte Real’ bridge over the river Ceira.
The majority of the concelho is forested with an approximate area of 248 km2 of forest. The steep river valleys and wooded hillsides form an ideal terrain for a variety of sports and pastimes, including hill-walking, mountain-biking, canoeing and horse-riding. The rivers Ceira and Sótão in the north of the concelho, and the river Sinhal in the south provide plenty of swimming areas, including private secluded spots and popular beaches with café-bars.

A stone house for sale in central Portugal in a village near Góis, awaiting restoration.

Price: 19.900€

A 2-storey rustic property for sale in central Portugal at the centre of the quiet village of Portela, near Góis.

Price: 20.000€ Reduced from 25,000€

A ruined house and store house for sale with a good piece of flat land in central Portugal, in the charming village of Chapinheira, near Góis.

Price: 20,000 Reduced from 42,500€

A traditional Portuguese house for sale for near Góis in central Portugal, in need of restoration.

Price: 20,000€ Reduced from 27.400€

A small quinta close to the village of Corterredor near Góis in central Portugal.

Price: 20.000€ New property

A traditional xisto 3-storey house, in need of restoration, situated in the idyllic village of Candosa on the river Ceira, near Cadafaz in central Portugal.

Price: 20.000€  Under offer

A plot of land with a barn, situated between a stream and a quiet back road near Vila Nova do Ceira in central Portugal.

Price: 20.200€  New Property

A house for sale in central Portugal, in need of renovation, situated in the old part of the popular village of Ponte do Sótão near Góis.

Price: 21,000 Reduced from 28.000€

An attractive small quinta for sale with two semi-ruined buildings located in a quiet village near Góis in central Portugal.

Price: 21,000 Reduced from 27.400€

A ruined xisto cottage for sale located in a hillside village close to Góis in central Portugal, enjoying superb views of the surrounding countryside.

Price: 23.000€

Featured Property 687

687: Condomínio do Outeiro

3 houses together round a central courtyard, partly restored, located near Mouronho in central Portugal.

Price: 46.000€

Featured Property 10

694: Casa de Infância

A partially-restored stone house in a private and sunny location on the edge of a small village

Price: 33.000€